Tuesday 24 August 2021

Eulogy in August

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I still can't believe

I can't see you anymore

Talking to you

Or hearing your laugh

We shared problems each other

Motivated in our dark days

Attended prenatal yoga class together

Or discussed about our students cases

You appreciated and supported

The works I've done

You still tried to help others

Nevertheless you're in difficulty

We all know you are so big-hearted

Though you're hurted

You replied with more kindness

And you're still generous

Your  four sons and husband are proud of you

Your whole family, colleagues, and friends recall you

You're always remembered

In our heart, in our prayer

So long My chief,

my best friend,

my sister

May Allah grant you Jannah


In memoriam Mbak Ratih Putri Pratiwi 

March 2021

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