Monday 11 January 2016

366 Poems Project

New year, new challenge.

Have you ever thought, is it necessary to write down a new year resolution in the beginning of the year? This thought crossed my head while I'm thinking of my failure in 2015. Before, I wrote my resolution in my new year morning in my diary also the review of last year. I never involve in new year eve celebration because I hate being in the middle of crowded situation and I think it waste. Sometimes I sleep early and wake up to write down my resolution at midnight. 

But not in this new year. 2016. In this year, I'm going to be 25! Oh gosh, it's so scary realizing it, I'm still far from the goals  I wished for along, such as studying abroad and married, some friends of mine already do. *exhale*  So, in other words, there are still many of my dreams that I didn't get yet. There are just two or three of dreams in my resolution list for 2015 which have done. I passed some failures and some hardship for me personally and also for my family.  I felt so desperate at that time, but Thank God I could pass it. I think it just the matter of time. I couldn't manage my time wisely. 

Until, one day, I had chit chat conversation by whatsapp with one of my best friend. She told me more and suggested some nice articles to read, hopefully I can get the enlightments and new spirits. 
that afternoon I realized, I still have a difficulty to accept and appreciate the little things I did. maybe it seems little to me but it's not for others. what I expected is something huge achievements that come yet. it takes time to grow. at least I already started to plant and to water. continuing to fertilize with patience and persistence will help it grows well and some years ahead, it will bloom beautifully. maybe what I got in last year is not always achievement, but some invisible things which just seen by heart, such us surrounding by nice, warm hearted, and inspiring people. aaaa.. I should be more grateful. Alhamdulillah.

Just back to the moment of six months ago that my mother was sick in the hospital and i had so much hard feeling because of the doctor diagnose. We tried our best, sacrified what we could do, and pray more for her health. It's nothing compare to what she did since she was becoming a mother 25 years ago. She is my hero, my angel and Now Alhamdulillah she's getting better. So I have to be more grateful, I still have time to make her happy. Insya Allah. 

And..that's why, rather to list my resolution I tried to challenge my self. One of my challenge is writing 366 poems in 2016.  Why? Because I like arranging dictions and rhyme. Firstly, I posted it for my personal project until my friends who also like to write poem or story commented and asking for join. I have no idea before. Then I made up my mind so it can be a team project. The goal? I don't expect to much than just for making the habit to write everyday. Being productive and consistent are very hard, especially for the beginning, but if we have a group consist of some mates who have the same passion, I hope it will be easier. That's why I was very happy when Anggi, Ervina, kashika, and Rizkicha joined me to this project. And voila.....

 We make a room, a blog, to post our poems. You can visit :

You will enjoy the poems in many languages, with graphic,, photos,, also intruments (If it's possible)

Write what you think and what you feel. 

enjoy! :D

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