Wednesday 15 July 2015

Because of SCRABBLE
Scrabble (n) : a board game in which players build up words from small lettered squares or tiles. (concise oxford dictionary)

For me scrabble is one of interesting game that we can play together with friends or family. My first experience in playing it was taught by my grandfather who used to be a great teacher. At that time my cousins and I were still in elementary school. We played in bahasa Indonesia and tried to make simple words from those scramble letters. I was so confused at first because of the rules and the scores. It was more complicated than playing monopoly, I thought, because we must count every letter we arrange. Every letter has its own score, but after more practices I did it. I was really happy when my Mom bought me magnetic scrabble. Wohooo.. I love it! Unfortunately, now I couldn’t play it anymore. It’s broken and the letters disappears somewhere else. Maybe, we can buy again, Mom? Hehe

Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. It’s normal, it’s just a game. To be the winner, you should have strategy. We never know what scramble letters will be caught by our hands. Sometimes we get more consonants, more vowels or maybe more blank letters (Oh I love blank letters so much!) haha. Blank letters use for alternative letter as you want. With limited letters we should get more points, so we should know the scores on the board, whether our words pass ‘magic square’ which counts (double, triple letter) scores or (double, triple word) scores. Arrange your words wisely and beautifully! LOL   

Got Z and Q which has the biggest point (10) each letter? It will be your luck or maybe your disaster in the end of game. Why? Because if you can arrange word with those letters, you will get high scores moreover if your word passes the ‘magic square’, but if you can’t use it in your word till the game is over, your score will cut with the accumulation of unused letter. It’s really dangerous. :p

This hobby was not just a hobby when I participated in English scrabble competition for Junior High School student. This competition was held by Pioneer Conversation Club (PCC) of SMAN 1 Malang. Beside that, there are also quiz contest and storytelling contest. My friends who are expert in English participated in those contests. I was so happy together with them as a team from SMPN 1 Malang.

I still remembered the moment, at first round I against a student from other school. Alhamdulillah I won that round. In that round there were three judges, one as a counter, a timer and one who check the word in dictionary. They are students of SMAN 1 Malang. They are so kind and smart. I wanted to be like them. I said I want to go to this school after my graduation and they were so happy. “I wished you can be our junior and you should join us in this extracurricular, PCC,” said Mbak Fara, one of the judges. The other judges are guys, a handsome tall guy with glasses, just like Harry Potter and I named him ‘mas Harry Potter’ and also a guy with Chinese look. Unfortunately I didn’t know their names. Those two guys are also kind and funny. Since that time, I was the fans of mas harry potter and I promised myself to struggle hard on my final exam so that I can be the student of this school and join PCC and of course meet him again. LOL

The second day, I went to semifinal round. Oh my God.. I was so little upset. I had to play with my classmate. I wished we can meet in final round to get double trophy. Unfortunately, our chance to get the trophy is just for one place, it will be me or him. In this moment, I fell into dilemma. We promised to have fair play. Whoever the winner, both of us is the winner because we are one team.  I played my best. Do you know? I got ‘Z’ at the beginning. I was so worried and tried to find the chance to use it. And in the middle of game finally…. I got that chance. M-A-Z-E and triple word score! Whohooo… I felt so happy and little guilty though. Hihihi. I won that round and went to final round. Yippiiiee..

Shortly, I played with two students from other school; it seemed from favorite private school. I didn’t know why the pressure was lower than before. Actually they are smarter and in the end of game I got third place. Not bad! At least I could bring the trophy and prize for my school. (It was my last winning in the competition in school life =p)

Life sometimes is too hard to understand, and have you ever heard the phrase of Paulo Coelho in Alchemist?And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

4 months later, I officially accepted as new student of SMAN 1 Malang, being part of Mitreka Satata big family and I did my promise to choose PCC as my extracurricular activity. It was the prize for me. Actually my desire to come in this school is because of language program of this school. Yes that program is the best in my town (proud of it :p). I will choose language class as my path in the future. And….of course It is also because my Mom is one of the alumni of this school. Hehehe… and the last reason is, because of my mas harry potter though I couldn’t meet him again in this school because he graduated in the same year I entered. *sigh*

I wished I can meet him in the annual inauguration ceremony of PCC. The alumni are invited on that occasion, but I never found him. Lately I knew that he was not the PCC member, he just helped his friends as a committee. Hmmm..

But…friends, life always gives us more surprises than we expected. Who knows if in my second year of joining PCC, I was being president of PCC (hey that was my first experience become a chief of an organization) and also the committee of the same competition as I participated before. should be more careful if you want something. You will never know what surprises that wait for you in the future. I choose to dream and follow my path though I found it’s not as smooth as we plan. Still, God knows the best.  

Man proposes, God disposes

(It has been long time no write in English and I felt so awkward. Hihihi. After this I promised myself to write more regularly ^^v)

Malang, July 15th 2015

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